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    Made of Hi-tech material ,these multi-purpose pans and buckets are a great non-toxic alternative to conventional ice pans. The material has little or no odor ,and used in biomedical engineering applications such as drug delivery devices. The multi-purpose containers are highly insulative, stackable, unbreakable, lightweight and leak-proof. Containers will not "sweat" or deform and have a textured finish on the bottom to prevent slipping on the bench-top. Ideal for use with ice, dry ice (-78℃), alcohol or saline solutions.
    Product features:
    ◆Samples are not directly contact with dry ice that is more convenient for samples’ put in and take out.
    ◆Portable device without electric power which is more flexible
    ◆Much more long time low temperature preservation which can guarantee the safety of samples in large degree.
    ◆Efficient design which provides maximum effective use space.
    ◆you can continue to add dry ice to extend the low temperature preservation time.
    ◆It is flexible use, not only can be used as a transport also can be used as a removable cryogenic refrigerator.


    Introduction for use:
    ◆Having  little or no odor
    ◆Be durable
    ◆Uneasy deformation
    ◆High capacity and reproducibility.
    ◆Textured finish on the bottom to prevent slipping on the bench-top.