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    CellHome concludes CellHome-12(12*1 ml or 2 ml cryogenic vials) CellHome-30(30*1 ml or 2 ml cryogenic vials) CellHome-60(60*1 ml or 2 ml cryogenic vials) CellHome-125(12*5 ml cryogenic vials) CellHome-305(30*5 ml cryogenic vials) this five style cell freezing containers, which ensure standardized controlled-rate -1℃/minute cell freezing in cryogenic refrigerator without alcohol or any fluids. CellHome is apply to variety of cell types which includes stem cells, primary cells and cell lines. CellHome is very convenient to sue, do not need to add any liquid, you just need insert the sample in CellHome then put CellHome in -80 ℃ freezer. It has been proved that CellHome can greatly improve the user’s efficiency and cell’s save viability by use of stem cells, primary cells and cell lines and CellHome is harmless to environment or human body.
    Product features:
    ◆ It is very convenient to use, do not need to add any liquid, you just need to insert your sample in CellHome directly then put the CellHome in -80℃ freezer.
    ◆ No not need to change anything , once purchase for long time use
    ◆ No pollution, solid core and insulation design, no pre-cooling required
    ◆ Every experiment is consistent cooling rate, all holes cooling rate are the same
    ◆ It is easy to open CeelHome,you can take the CellHome out of the freezer by hand and all your fingers will not be frostbite
    ◆ It is easy to transfer all samples, no not need to transfer one by one
    ◆ Ready to use again in 5 minutes.
    ◆ It is high survival rate after cell recovery
    ◆ Low impact on temperature around the freezer.


    Introduction for use:
    ◆ Put the sample in CellHome first, then cover the CellHome lid and put CellHome in -80℃ freezer for at least 3 hours without open CellHome during these time. After it you can transfer samples into dry ice or liquid nitrogen
    ◆ If CellHome needs continuous used, you need to open CellHome lid and wait it recovery normal temperature